current menu (subject to change somewhat, but this is roughly what’s coming out of our kitchen right now!)

  • Spiced Almonds & Pecans | 5

    Cider mustard, coriander, smoked paprika (GF)(Veg)

  • Herb Popcorn | 5

    Texas Keeper Garden herbs, butter, parmesan, sea salt (Veg)

  • Marinated Olives | 6

    served cool, citrus peel, garden herbs, garlic (vegan)(GF)

  • Chips & Salsa | 6

    Lacto-fermented tomatillo, jalapeño salsa, tortilla chips (vegan)(GF)

  • Texas Cheese Plate | 16

    Bee Tree Farm chèvre, Mill King cheddar curds in house marinade, Revelation’s El Dorado, mandarin-verbena syrup, apple butter, pepper jelly, Grafter Blanc mustard, Easy Tiger crostini, walnut bread (can be GF)

  • Charcuterie Board | 18

    Chorizo rioja, saucisson sec, La Quercia prosciutto, Grafer Blanc mustard, house pickles, pepper jelly, Easy Tiger crostini (can be GF)

  • Cheese & Charcuterie | 22

    El Dorado, cheese curds, Saucisson sec, La Quercia prosciutto, apple butter, cider mustard, house pickles, pepper jelly , mandarin-verbena syrup, crostini (can be GF)

  • Mezze Board | 1 8

    Sweet pea & mint hummus, roasted pepper spread, chicken liver or mushroom-walnut pâté, lacto-fermented pickles, veggies, Easy Tiger crostini (can be GF, vegan)

  • Baguette & Pâté | 8

    Choice of housemade free range chicken liver pâté OR vegan mushroom-walnut pâté with Easy Tiger baguette & cider gelee (Vegan Option)

  • Chickpea Salad | 8

    Chickpeas, celery, radish, carrot, pickled onions, toasted pecans, smoky herbed aquafaba dressing (vegan)(GF)

  • Curried Egg Salad | 8

    From our own Cidery chickens! Lettuce, Easy Tiger rye toast points, ginger carrot pickles, pepper jelly (veg)

  • Carrots-in-a-Blanket | 5

    Honey balsamic braised carrots, puff pastry, pepper jelly, cider mustard

  • Prosciutto Grilled Cheese | 10

    Prosciutto, aged gouda, grapefruit-fennel jelly, country bread, kettle chips

  • Italian Cotto Ham Sandwich | 12

    Cold Italian ham, provolone cheese, Grafter Blanc mustard, house giardinieri, Easy Tiger semolina batard, kettle chips

  • Toasted Veg Panini | 12

    Lemon tahini, shaved carrot, beets, arugula-cilantro pesto on country bread, kettle chips (Vegan)

  • Kid’s Grilled Cheese | 7

    Apple butter, country bread, seasonal fruit (veg)

  • Butterscotch-Oatmeal Rice Crispy Bars | 5

    (Andria’s grandma’s special recipe!)

  • Toffee Almond Wildflower Cookies | 3