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ATX Swappers at the Cidery!

Join us at Texas Keeper Cider to celebrate our year of swapping! We will have an opportunity to swap regularly and also a pantry swap (details below). If you'd like to donate towards the cause of our choosing (to be determined at the event), feel free to bring cash or purchase a 'donation ticket' on the link below.

How a Pantry Swap Works: Have jars of sauces or pastas or crackers or etc... your neighbor/mom/grandma/friend gifted you awhile ago and never have a use for? Bring your unwanted pantry goods to the event and freely swap for anything on the pantry table (one for one). If you'd rather not bring anything home at all, the remaining items will be donated to the Central Texas Food Bank. This swap will be in addition to the regular swap and will be happening throughout the evening!

How the Swap Works

Our food swap is a place where you can trade an item you made for another item that someone else made. Items are swapped 1-for-1. For example:

You have a loaf of bread to swap.

You'll wrap it up and be prepared to take home in trade for that loaf, a jar of some home-preserved goodness, a half-dozen backyard eggs, a bag of homemade crackers or cookies, or whatever you see on the table that looks good to you.

You can bring as many items (the same or all different, whatever) to trade as you'd like. We usually bring 10 or so items each, but some folks make big batches of things and end up with 20 or more individual items. The more you bring, the more you take home in the end. All items should be packaged with the principle in mind that all packaged items are equal (i.e. don't expect to take home two items for your one).

The official swap and trade interactions will start right at 5:15 pm, so don't show up after then with hopes to swap.

Bring Snacks!

We hope you'll bring something you made for everyone to snack on. Not required, but it makes the evening tastier (and maybe helps to move your swap item, yeah for taster samples)! You don't have to bring the same thing you brought to trade either.

Please be sure to bring whatever you need to serve your snackage. We have cups, plates, napkins and forks, but you'll need to bring serving platters, knives, ladles, etc.


We look forward to seeing you again and swapping wares!