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Thinkery 21 Fermentology


Yeah, that’s right. Fermentology. Get ready to sip and sample your way through Austin’s best booze, brews and fermented foods!

Join us Thursday, February 16 for Thinkery21: Fermentology, a special, limited-capacity event that explores the art and science of fermentation. At #Fermentology, we’ll go beyond the “how-tos” of basic fermentation and dig deep into what’s really going on at the molecular level in your favorite fermentables.

Come get your think on while getting your drink on!

Distill My Beating Heart – Join Tito's on the path from grain to glass.

Old-School Pickling – Hat Creek Provisions takes your taste buds on a tour of their no heat, no vinegar small-batch carrot fermentation process.

C’mon Get Hoppy! – Experience the flavor and aroma of different hop varieties with Hops and Grain.

Comparing Grains – Sample a variety of grains and explore how this foundation of beer affects flavor with Austin Beerworks.

Microscopic World of Yeast – Independence Brewing Co. reveal the workhorse of fermentation—single-celled organisms that help make beer bubbly and alcoholic.

Feel the Fermentation – Get sprinting on a LOVE Cycling Studio bike and feel the burn of fermentation happening in your muscles. 

Break It Down – Compare how yeast breaks down different types of sugar, and learn about the by-products of fermentation with The University of Texas at Austin's Council of Graduate Chemists.

History of Beer Fermentation – Get schooled on the fascinating history of beer fermentation with The Beer Museum.

Apple of My Eye – From ripe fruit to fermented refreshment, the apple experts of Texas Keeper Cider share the ins and outs of apple selection.

Sweet and Sour – Sample sweet, unfermented wort and compare it to the fermented sour-mash that makes Blue Owl Brewing beer so tasty.

Cider Y’all! – Austin Eastciders guides you through a side-by-side cider tasting (say that 3x fast) and vote for your favorite flavor.

Are you a Super Taster? – See if you have the tongue made to be a Cicerone.

Catapult Beer Pong – Beer pong with a boost! Build your own catapult and challenge a friend to a game.

Edible Ethanol – Build your own tasty version of everyone’s favorite molecule.

Texas Pro DJ – Spinning tunes all night.

More event details coming soon…

*All tickets purchased for Thinkery21: Fermentolgy include 1 drink voucher, 1 special Thinkery21 koozie and various tastings and samplings throughout the night.

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