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Grafter Rosé Release Party!

It's Summer! Or at least, it feels like it, which means it's time to let loose our 3rd vintage of Grafter Rosé! 

Our Grafter Series is where we take cider apples and wine grapes and ferment them together for a match made in heaven, if heaven is a spritzy, light, happy, tart, dry beverage somewhere between a cider and a wine.

This year's Grafter Rosé is made with Rome Beauty apples and Texas-grown Tempranillo and Carignan grapes. It's strawberry. It's peaches and cream. It's slightly spicy and plummy on the nose, and all with that crisp apple finish. Last year's Grafter Rosé was called best local beverage by the Austin American Statesman's Arianna Auber McFarland and we think this year's could rival it...

So come take the first sips of Summer-in-a-Bottle at the Cidery! Delicious barbecue from BBQ Aficionados LeRoy and Lewis sold separately, plus live music from Tempo do Choro and The Latin Dukes, no cover!

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